vertical sundial WD1


Size 270mm x 340mm

Reads GMT hours

Dedication and motto can be included

cost............£405.00   For South facing wall only

cost.............£435.00   For a wall declining east or west of south

vertical sundial WD2


Size 290mm x 290mm

Reads GMT hours. Can include dedication and motto of your choice

or have the one shown.....

Nunc est bibendum.....means 'now is the time to drink' !

cost.....£330.00    For south facing wall

cost...£365.00   For a wall declining east or west of south

patinated sundial WD1

WD1 with patinated finish

Example of a sundial for a declining wall ie a wall not facing due south.

This one was made for a wall facing south 25 degrees west.



patinated sundial WD1

WD1 with the Equation of Time

Made for a wall facing south 17 degrees west.

The client hired my 'gizzmo' in order to measure the angle of declination of the wall

cost..... £470.00


WD2 sundial with matt finish

WD2 for a declining wall

Size 290mm x 310mm....made slightly longer to fit in the motto!

For a wall south 32 degrees west

patinated sundial

Vertical dial for a north facing wall

Made for a wall on a bearing of 301 degrees

With patinated finish

A dial to enjoy as the sun goes down!



Note about the patinated finish

None of the preceeding photos on this page have been taken in sunshine.

So on the matt examples the apparent shadow of the gnomon is actually just a reflection.

I was asked if the shadow shows up well on the patinated finish, and the answer is yes.

See a WD1 opposite in full sun!


sunshine on a patinated sundial

WD1 with patinated finish

Made for a wall facing south 8 degrees east

As you can see the shadow is clear and sharp


Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Old time is still a-flying.